Painted Orange
My relationship with Clay & Rust

As my art has evolved over the last 10 years I have discovered that working with and combining different mediums has given me a freedom to experiment with the Rust I find in my desert rust hunts!
I've always loved the Rust from the desert! The patina is amazing. It takes years for the metal to have a beautiful color of rust.

I'll bring home just about anything I find but especially paint cans, mesh from monitors, twisted metal anything that has been used for target shooting! What happens when these cans get shot up is the beautiful patterns of filigree come out naturally.

I bring everything I find home. Clean and coat them with clear varnish! Some pieces of rust catch my eye and become the special one of a kind rusted art. I then began to hand build my cactus flowers to nestle them in the big holes that are made from the bullets that are shot when target practicing!

As I see the two coming together to make this awesome work of art it makes me love it even more! Each piece has its own character and is unique !

Some of my rusted art pieces takes many hours because of the many layers that are required to complete what I'm going for! 
It's true! One mans trash is my treasure!
I rescue desert rust, that's what I do!

Karan Murphy
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